Meandering Plant

EFL Group Story Writing Class April 17, 2011

The bus jerked to a stop a good six inches from the curb so I had to jump from the second step of the bus onto the sidewalk in order to avoid stepping into the muddy puddle of water that had accumulated in the gutter. I looked down at the Craig’s List print-out that I held in my hand, and then looked up at the tall building that stood in front of me.

In this building there was the ACME office. I read their job ad. I called them and they told me to come in for an interview. They told me it was a very good job, well-paid, no experience necessary.

So I went to the boss’ office to ask why this job was so good because I couldn’t believe it. When i arrived at the office a fat man said, “Hi, welcome, please have a seat and tell me what you would like to drink.”

And then the boss talked to me and said "...because we really need you to do this work." "That's why we're offering such a high salary for the job," he added. Then I said, "But what exactly do I have to do?"

He said: "Your job will be to spy on our competitors to find out what they are selling before they launch it.  "But this is illegal" I said.

I was not sure I could do I called my mother and I was ask what should I do.

When the fat guy talked to me about the salary, I accepted it without saying anything.

I really wanted that salary because it would help me build the house I want, and give me the money I need to go shopping with my girlfriend.

But I still wanted to get my mother's opinion, so I called her and told her about the job.  She told me that I had to decide for myself what I should do. "You're not a little boy anymore. You must make your own decisions now," she said.

I was too scared to break the law. I went to the police and told them everything.

What I expected to happen didn’t happen. The police told me that I needed evidence and that if what I said wasn’t true, he would take me to jail.

I was so surprised. I asked the policeman what I was guilty of. I was really confused.

I got scared because I didn't know what would happen in the future. I only wanted to work, just like other workers and earn a lower salary.

So I looked at the policeman and said, "Never mind. I was mistaken." Then I stood up and walked out of the police station as quickly as I could.

I went back to the office and I told the fat man I accepted the job.  If I had to end up in jail at least it would have been for actually breaking the law.

So when I received my first paycheck, I decided to go shopping with my girlfriend. I planted some vegetable seeds in my kitchen garden that I was renting.  Spring is a good season for sowing seeds.

Spring was here and the sun was starting to shine like a gem in the sky.

But unfortunately a robber came into my garden yesterday. He took all my chickens and pigs, and now I am going to police office to get help.

I was telling my girlfriend all of this, about my little garden, while we shopped.  "What did the police say when you reported the robbery?" she asked.  I told her that they told me to plant another garden. So I did!  I planted another beautiful garden of flowers.

It was summer by then, so everything was growing back even faster, because the pigs were gone and they didn’t eat the plants anymore. But when the rent came due I had no money to pay it.
My girlfriend asked, "Why didn't you grab that thief?"  And I answered, "Because the first time that I went to the police station they thought I was a liar."

I decided not to tell them anything and escape from jail because i didn’t want to be in jail during the summer.

Some people felt sorry for me but I'm not unhappy. Now I continue to work on my garden and I hope I earn a lot of money that way.

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