Double Take

                                  ESL Group Story Writing Class April 3, 2011
The young man sat quietly in the window seat, in the last row of seats on the train. He watched the other passengers enter the train and take their seats.

When he saw a beautiful girl coming towards him, he thought the girl was going to sit next to him, but he was wrong. She was just passing him on her w ay to the restroom.

Suddenly, he realized he was very hungry.  He ordered something and started to wait for the girl while he was eating.

The young man quickly forgot about the girl and began to check his email.
Just as a photo attachment to the email that he was reading opened, the waiter arrived with the bowl of soup that he had ordered. The train lurched and his soup spilled all over his laptop.

His laptop died. But just before that happened, he got a glimpse of the photo. It was a picture of him, taken a mere hour ago. He gasped.

When he went to pay for the soup, he couldn’t find his money. He thought that someone stole it but since the train had started to move, he thought he could find the thief.

And he thought about that photo that he saw on his laptop before it died. It was him and he was so curious to know who had taken that photo. Maybe someone on the train was watching him.

He raised his eyes and he saw the beautiful girl in the aisle. She sat beside him and asked him if he had seen her twin sister. She had gone to the restroom a long time ago and she had not returned yet.

He looked at her in disbelief. She was wearing the same outfit as the girl who he saw a few minutes ago.  "What grown woman would be caught dead in the same clothes as another woman?" he thought. "Exactly," responded the beautiful lady. He gasped because she seemed to have read his mind!

He just stood up to go around the woman who stood in the aisle but then he heard a boy say, “I have a million dollars that I’m taking to my mother.”  That made him happy because he was sure that the thief also heard what the boy said.

He sat down in a corner and kept an eye on the boy. He thought the thief wouldn't miss such a chance. He thought maybe the twin girl had taken his photo, and wondered why she needed to take it.

When the girl started to walk towards the boy, I thought maybe I was right—that the girl was a thief. But she walked right past him, so I followed her and watched her go into a room. It was a private room, so I couldn’t enter. So I got down on the floor and peeked under the door into the room.

What was I doing? I had no more money and instead of following the thief I was peeping on a girl," he thought. A guard followed him and threw him off the train. How could he tell this story to his mother?

He felt low and dejected. He lowered his head and shoved his hands deep into his pockets.  He felt a bulge in his pocket. It was his wallet!  He pulled it out and opened it. All of his money was there. He hadn't been robbed after all.

The girls came back. They were identical, and dressed the same. One of the two told me: "Here she is. I found her. She had diarrhea and had been in the restroom all this time.  And the other one said: "But now I feel a lot better, and I'm ready to party."  We went to the disco car of the train and we had a lot of fun dancing.
The End

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