Pandora’s Garage

ESL Group Story February 21, 2010

One day, I decided to clean out my garage. I hadn't parked my car in it for two years. I stored things that I didn't need in it instead.

Not only was it filled with all my junk, but also the people who owned my house before me, left a huge, heavy trunk in the back of the garage. I decided to begin my cleaning by inspecting the contents of the trunk.

I prepared a lot of tools. Despite all my efforts to open the trunk I soon realized it was locked and I didn't have the key. I browsed around all the tools in my garage until I found a jemmy which might have helped me to open that trunk.

I had been working with it for half an hour before I was able to break the locker. I was so impatient to see what was inside it that I didn't notice the scorpion that was walking on it.

All of a sudden I felt a burning itch on my hand and screamed out in pain. I screamed so loud that the neighbor's kid ran in to see what was going on… and at the same time I turned my eyes towards the content in the trunk. I couldn't believe what I saw!

I couldn't say a thing…and the kid just looked at me, looked at the trunk and then at me again.

It was not easy to transfer all the things that were stored in the garage. "I need more than a day to clean this place", I told myself when I saw the cartons inside the trunk. So, I decided to use my pickup truck to load them outside my house. When I was loading the cartons to my car, I came across a small red book.

The kid started running and a car was coming and it crashed into the kid. So many things were happening at the same time. I began to become fearful.

That reminded me of Pandora's box: an ancient Greek myth about a jar that this woman used to carry with her and once she opened it, she unleashed all bad things in the world such as ills, toils etc. I decided to look inside the cartons contained in the trunk and see if I could look inside that mystery.

But first I had to check on the kid that was hit by that car. Was she dead? I went closer... No movement. As I called 911, I thought about the trunk and Pandora's box. Could it be that because I opened it, the kid was hit by the car, a scorpion hurt me and... well, what was next I wondered. What had I done?

It was not a serious accident. The driver was able to get away from the Kid. He barely touched him.

"What is this red book about?" I asked myself when the kid's mother took him into her arms and went home.

I tried to open the red book but it was locked. On its cover, I could see a little sentence: "Sing me my favorite song and you will discover a wonderful world.” What could be that song? Alianaluz passed by there, took the book and disappeared with it!

The kid had hoped to discover this wonderful world spoken of in the red book but the crash changed everything. The red book was gone, and so was hope. There was only disappointment.

Then Aliana arrived and said: "Okay guys, I will keep the red book until the next week and we will continue the story, ok?"

I tried so hard to find a connection between the accidents that happened that day such as the kid who was hit by the car and the scorpion who pinched (stung) me but I've never found any.

Sometimes you just need to take things as they are without looking for supernatural explanations. In the meantime I guess I'd better go to the ER to have my hand healed because it started to swell and I forgot about it.

The end.

Or is it?

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
burak Valeska
CEM Clary
EagleEye Scorfield
funda Darkfold
Lux Zeurra
oo Broono

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