A Midwinter’s Nightmare

ESL Group Story Writing Class February 7, 2010

One very cold, dark night in the dead of winter, two lone figures walked closely along the empty beach. Their faces were hidden from view by one long wool scarf that they had wrapped around their necks. It made them look like twins conjoined at the neck,

I was inside my house and I wondered what they were doing outside in that freezing cold.
However I had no chance to look any further because the electricity went off.

I went to the kitchen and I lit a candle. I walked down the stairs to the basement to reset the fuse box.  Everything seemed in order when a draft shut the basement door closed and locked. I was thinking about a way to get out when I heard a knock on the door.

I opened the door.  My friend came in.  I welcomed him and invited him into the house. But that was not my friend.  It was my father and he looked like a zombie, so I closed the door again. I was afraid.

I offered a cup of coffee to my father. He wanted a piece of chocolate cake, too. Then, I prepared it for him. I was confused about everything that happened this night. Many different feelings mixed together: fear, cold and confusion at same time.

I did not understand what brought these confusing emotions upon me. So while my father was eating chocolate cake, I took some rope and tied it around his chair. Then I secured his hands and pushed his face into the chocolate cake.

My zombie father was so busy wolfing down his cake that he didn't notice that he was tied to the chair. Just as I was about to pour him some more coffee, I heard a strange scraping sound at the window. I couldn't see what was making the sound because the windows in my basement are too high up on the wall for me to see out of them.

I looked at my father nervously, hoping that the cake would keep him occupied enough not to notice what I was about to do. He seemed to still be busy concentrating on his food, so I dragged a box over to the window, climbed on top of it, and peered out the window.

In the feeble light I saw a man with two heads trying to get in from the main door. I suddenly remembered the figure I saw walking on the beach. They weren't a couple but a odd creature.

I looked for my set of knives that I used during my last adventure in Argentina. I couldn't find the knives so a grabbed my baseball bat.  I went around the house to catch the creature from behind and I swung my bat at it. The bat went through it as if it were made of air, I fell and I saw the creature's 4 red eyes staring at me.

I was very afraid. I was afraid to die so I decided to live down in my basement. In the basement, I saw dark eyes three times and they scared me! But they were all in my dreams!

But when I woke up, I discovered that the eyes belonged to a beautiful and lovely creature that was living in my basement. Now, I found a family of bunnies who will become my friends.

I was so scared of the dark that those zombie-ideas came to my mind.
I felt embarrassed when I discovered that I was so scared that I imagined this mysterious story during the time that my electricity was cut off. I decided to fix the rechargable battery-operated light to avoid such feelings in the future.

Then, I took off all my clothes and found a large box my computer arrived in. I climbed in and rocked back and fourth in insanity.

Airam Vaher
Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
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Giovanni Tweak
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Lena Wunderle
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