Cats Scratch, Dogs Bite

ESL Group Story Writing Class December 29, 2011

I had been out of work for nearly six years but I wasn’t too concerned because I still had plenty of money stashed away from the money that I embezzled from my former employer.  That’s right, I stole money from that cheap bastard because he robbed me of what was most dear to me!

I don't want to recall that memory anymore, it's painful and my biggest secret in my heart.
We say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it's wrong. During those 6 years I spents my time under the sun. But nothing lasts forever...  One day I came home from a fishing expedition and my girlfriend told me that 3 men were looking for me. One was old, the other 2 were young and looked bad.

Being far from the madding crowd, away from the hustle and tussle, din and bustle of city life, the most cherished thing for me was peace. I wanted to get my composure back at any cost. But What is this? Is my past running after me once again?
I was very upset and started to prepare for escape and wondered if I should take my girlfriend with me. I thought the world was ending so I wanted to do something I never did before.

I looked at my girlfriend and thought about how faithful she had been to me. She had my back when I was arrested for stealing from my boss. Because of her testimony, I was released. I got away with the crime!  I decided to take her with me on my new adventure.

We went a small and peaceful village. Nobody knew us and we had a new life there. During those days, were happy and forgot all of our guilt. But unexpected things happened...

One day, in the morning, a giant white light appeared in the bedroom. It woke us up. We wondered what it was.
From behind the lights and smoke 3 figures appeared to us. One was my former boss. He was dressed like Elvis Presley in Las Vegas. Behind him he had two oiled up bodyguards. "I finally found you!" he said with a snarl.

"Expect the unexpected" as they say. But I was in a dire dilemma, or I was rather decisively indecisive. What should I do? Should I run away? Where would I go? I made up my mind. I was determined to face my destiny.
The time is now! I should make the boss remember what he had robbed me of. When I wanted to say something, I felt something bite me so I clammed up.

I picked up a bottle and hurled it at his two bodyguards. They fell and that gave me courage to speak. "Listen Elvis-boss, you ain't nuthin but a houndog!" I yelled at him.

The Elvis-boss bit me again and again. "Now it's time that you give me what you took from me."
“Bite me again and you will die, my blood is poison.” After that, I would be able to take back my secret object.
But the Elvis boss kept biting.

"I'll suck your blood until the last drop, just like you sucked the money out of my company.” I was losing my senses (and my blood) when I saw the boss become pale and choke.

"Wake up hun! It's getting late!" I got startled and jumped out of my bed! Wow! What a traumatic nightmare that was! So real! I found my right hand was bleeding profusely. My kitty was constantly scratching it because she was stuck under my arm.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
oo Broono (CR)
CEM Clary
Dighrangchu Resident
Draceina Pinion
Giovanni Tweak
imivy Resident

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