New Class: Thursday 9am PST

The Practical English Program starts Thursday November 24 at 9am PST.

Lesson 1 at the Café: introducing yourself, meeting people, ordering beverages

Lesson 2 at the Airport: Travel, custom, security controls

Lesson 3 at the Hotel Reception: booking a room, hotel check in and out.

Lesson 4 at the Bank: opening and closing a bank account, depositing, withdrawing and exchanging currency.

Lesson 5 at Hospital: arriving at the Hospital or Emergency Room.

Lesson 6 at the Garage/Salon: going to car repair and getting a haircut or a hair dye.

Lesson 7 at Home: everyday object and actions. 

Teacher: Inge Qunhua 
Class Runner: Giovanni Tweak - ITA 

Practical English Program - VOICE Class 1 at the Café: Vocabulary and phrases related to meeting people, ordering drinks, introducing yourself and small talk. 

* The Practical English Program is for students whose English is very basic or who have studied English years ago. 
* It is designed to give students language skills to deal with everyday situations in SL and rl.

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