Igor’s Gory Adventure

                    ESL Group Story Writing Class November 14, 2010
Hey, did you hear about Igor's latest adventure? Even if you have, I'm sure you haven't heard the juicy details.

You know Igor, right? Not the smartest person around. So, a week ago he hears two girls talking on the bus about a club where wild things happen and he decides to go. He doesn't know the exact address, only the bus stop. He gets out of the bus and starts to walk around, but there’s no club in sight and no one to ask.

He thinks that maybe he should just wait. While he is waiting, he sees a very beautiful girl. And he asks her, "Do you know where there's a club around here?"  And she says, "Yes, but if you want to know, please give me a gift."

And she gives him a kiss.  She says, "If you get back on the bus and go to the next station, you will see a sign about the club." And Igor does what she tells him to do. When Igor gets off the bus, he sees a sign. It’s a vampire man with bloody teeth. And the club's name is "Bloody Night."

Igor stands for a moment looking at the club, wondering if he should enter. Just as he is about to touch the doorknob, he feels an icy cold hand on his shoulder. He turns around and sees this beautiful girl standing behind him. "Didn't you forget something?" she asks. But before he could respond, she says "You forgot to give me a gift."

"Is it your birthday?" asks Igor. The girl smiles mysteriously and says "Guess how old I am." Igor answers: “25?" "More like 250" answers the girl. "What's your name?" asks Igor. "Matalina" answers the girl.

Igor tries to answer the girl, to tell her why he needs to go to the club. He had a strange dream about the club and his girl. In his dream, his girl was killed by someone. Maybe that was the reason.

But this is not a dream. What a strange name for a strange person! Matalina does not seem to be a name of a person. It seems like the name of a profession.

Igor feels  a cold breath on his neck. Matalina whispers in his eat something like, "You are my delicious birthday present. Don't be scared. I will not hurt you. You will not feel any pain.” And then she bits his neck with her blade teeth. And Igor falls down, and immediately, a deep sleep falls over him.

He lay in the street on the ground, outside of that club for hours upon hours. The next thing he knows, he hears lots of footsteps all around him. People are stepping over him, rushing off to work. It’s Monday morning in New York City, after all. No one bothers to ask him if he is OK.

Some people even kick him as they rush by. He hears one guy yell "Hey buddy, go sleep it off in the subway!"

Gradually, as he becomes more alert, he begins to feel pain. His eyes are burning!

The poor guy is convinced he's a vampire.  At first he's scared, then, he starts to think that after all vampires are cool so he's cool too. He runs home because he doesn't want to stay out in daylight and when dark falls he wears his coolest clothes and goes out looking for girls to bite.

Now he is a vampire, he thinks. Maybe new blood is good for him.  He tries to find a young girl. When he finds one, he invites her to a party and tries to bit her.

A strange force takes over his body, a huge shadow on his soul, a deep pain in his heart to remind him of the bad part of being a vampire, anyway,  that’s what he’s thinking.

When Igor returns home, he feels a little strange. Yes, drank some blood at the party but he is still feeling hungry. And he starts to search for something more to eat. Then he notices a delicious smell in his room. It is his cute dog Logan.

He crouches down on the floor near Logan and pounces at the dog, sinking his teeth into the dog's furry neck. The dog looks at him and calmly says "WTF? I know you're not trying to bite me! You'd better back up before I hurt you, dude." Igor gasps. Had his dog really spoken???

Before he can even move a muscle he hears loud banging at his door. A deep voice yells, "This is the police, open this door now or we'll break it down!"

  Igor freezes, the dog runs away, the police brake the door and find him sitting on the floor. They take him to the police station and arrest him for assaulting the girl he bit. The vampire thing was a viral marketing campaign for a new tomato juice with a lot of caffeine. They had hired goth girls to do the biting stunt but he was the only one who fell for it so badly.

The judge takes pity of him and doesn't send him to jail, because he thinks real criminals would tear him apart.

The judge sentences him to do community service at a hospital, where he has to clean blood in operating rooms. Sometimes , when he mops blood from the floor Igor thinks of tasting a little, but when he takes it to his lips he feels sick.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ejje Xaris
Gil Denver
Giovanni Tweak (CR)
oo Broono

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