Observers and Researchers

This is the notecard that is distributed to observers and researchers when they visit the infohub. Sometimes researchers ask question and distribute questionnaires without authorization and without introducing themselves as researchers. You don't have to answer them. Please tell someone at the school. RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR RESEARCHERS AND OBSERVERS VISITING ESL SL (DRIVE-THROUGH-ESL) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CONDUCT RESEARCHES, DISTRIBUTE QUESTIONNAIRES, OR CONTACT VISITORS, STUDENTS. IF SCHOOL STAFF IS PRESENT WHEN YOU VISIT THE SCHOOL, FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. OBSERVERS ARE ALLOWED TO ATTEND ONE CLASS FOR FREE. For instructions contact the Class Runner 30 minutes before class begins or go to, for more information. Contact information can be found at the end of the notecard. If you are attending a lesson you are welcome to participate in class activities. DO NOT contact the teacher or students during the lesson. For assistance during class contact the class runner in IM. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT: * This is a private, commercial school. It is not a public place. * By conducting a research without authorization you might be breaking International Laws about Copyright Protection, violating Terms of Use and Community Standards of Second Life. * Your ignorance of the English language or Second Life, the general lack of understanding of the situation and context is NOT an excuse for violating these rules. * If you don't know what is going on, introduce yourself to school staff (class Runner, Help Team) and wait for his/her answer. * If no school staff is present, do not contact visitors. Information on how to contact school staff is noted at the end of the notecard. People come here to work or to learn English. If you talk to someone or if someone greets you ALWAYS introduce yourself as a researcher IMMEDIATELY. Staff members could be busy, you might be interrupting their work and disturbing the school's operations. Visitors might think you are part of the school staff and give you personal information you are not authorized to collect and use. Giovanni Tweak - owner e-mail Include: Organization (University, College, School, Marketing/Advertising Agencies, other) Research topic (be specific) Contact info of the teacher or supervisor Any other info or links that you think is relevant to introducing yourself and your organization.

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