How many students per class?

Friday there were 10 students at Excursion class. Sunday there were 7 students at Voice class (Skype). It all went well but we reached the limit and we closed the class. So please keep in mind that: The maximum number of students per class depends on their level, the type of class and technical conditions. The class runner and the teacher can decide at anytime to stop adding new students and close the class. If you arrive late the class runner might tell you that the class is closed. If you know in advance you will attend the lesson, please tell the class runner. LAST STUDENT: The class runner and the teacher want to let as many student as possible attend the class, but their priority is to make sure the class runs smoothly (enough time for each student, good technical conditions) If technical conditions become worse after adding a new student, the class runner might ask the last student to leave. It's a very sad thing, so try to not be the last student. Btw, Excursion class didn't really go well, but it's another story.

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