Week 36

Late for class? Look on the calendar who is the classrunner and send a IM. The classrunner will tell you what the class is about, give you the notecard for this class and send you a tp. If it's a voice class they will come to the infohub to test your voice set-up. 10 Classes this week: 5 txt and 5 vox.
  • Beginner Program: Classes 4, 5 and 6. Mon 10am (Bank), Wed 11am (Hospital), Fri 10am (Grease car repair shop/hair salon. All times PDT. Vox
  • Tuesday 12pm PDT. Txt Yanto begins a series of 5 classes devoted to the English Verb tense system. Beginning with the simple present tense, we’ll work our way through the entire tense system, via the examples that students offer for study. We’ll examine both how we form the tenses, and how we use them.
  • Friday 10am PDT. Txt. Grammar class. Teacher: Thea Pevensey. Do you have questions about understanding or using English grammar? Come to DRIVE-THROUGH ESL grammar class to brush up on your skills. Each class will begin with an explanation of the topic, followed by student practice.

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